Finally I finished (and find the courage) to publish my first book on Amazon. The book is on the kindle store. Thanks to Saunie Shammass that help me with my foreign & dyslexic English. 

  If you like my work and would like to see more. NOW is  the point of time that I need your help. please purchase my book It's only cost 2.99$, or free on kindel owners' lending libary 
 and more important write a  supportive reviews (*****)

The book is about – flower to fruit Journey.
I believe that the best way to give children the answers to the biggest questions must be the fun way. 
This is a Nursery Rhyme book for children, with colorful pictures. You can address it as a "Bedtime & Dreaming" book and enjoy the lyrics. 
But, you can also address it as a "Science, Nature & How It Works" book and learn: Where does our fruit come from? What part of the flower become the fruit? How does it develop? 
In this book I wanted to use both off my loves: Biology (M.Sc. in plant physiology) and Literature, to prepare an educational book that both you and your child will enjoy. 


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