peanuts art work – for kids
This is a very simple activity for kids, since the nuts shape give you the basic structure.you can only  add the accessories.
Like most of the animals peanuts have two section:
Small ball (head)
Large ball (abdomen)
You can only add legs, hands, eye, mouth and you have full figure. the rest is all about imagination.
The ideas for the animal figure comes from the web.
  Things you'll need:
1. Modeling clay
You can also use magic clay (dry in air) – it is easier to work with modeling clay but the magic clay stay for years.
2. Peanut within shell.
3. 5 mm Wiggle Eyes (0.2")
4. Toothpicks.
The directions are for basic nuts men. All the other figures have the same basic principal – you just have to add accessories.
Step 1: chose your nuts – try to find one with clear lines of head and abdomen.
Step 2: base – take small piece of clay. Make a ball. Squeezed it gently and use it as a base.
Step 3: Legs – take a pies at the same color you use for base. Make a ball. Roll it and cut in the middle. Take the half roll, glue it to the base and shape the leg figure. Repeat it with the second half.
Step 4: eyes – take small white clay (5mm = 0.2") and make a ball. Stick it to the back side of the wiggle eye. Then, push it gently through you peanut to glue it to the nuts.
Step 5: take a small piece (red or pink) roll it. Bend it and make a mouth out of it. If it sticks to your hands, use a toothpick to glue it to the nuts.
Step 6: take a larger piece of brown or yellow. Make a ball and squeeze it to a thin layer (pita, tortilla). And use it as a hair. Shape it to your desire hair style. Use toothpick to draw hair lines.
Step 7: Hands (sometimes you should do the hand last after all accessories have add). Take a piece of clay, roll it and cut it in the middle. Stick it to the nuts and shape the hand figure.
That it – now you can add the accessories: hut, coat, shoes etc.
At your first figure – the part will probably fall out of the nuts. Just work it into your hand – soft it, reshape it, and glue it back to its place.
Good luck.
 Advanced figures:
Sometimes the nuts shape creates the animal.
Sometimes you choose an animal out of the web and you choose the proper nuts for it. If you choose to make clay animal out of the web – remember: the nuts gives you the basic shape you should only add all the others parts.
picture from last year – made with magic clay (dry on air)

That it I hope you enjoy

Unfortunately my reviewer – the one that correct all of my writing and vocabulary (and I got many also in Hebrew). Can't do it in English, I really hope that in couple of years, when he will turn 13 his English will be good enough to do that.
for my English speaker friends 

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